Sunday, January 31, 2010

pack + S.O.L. - 2005 southeast asian tour lp/cd

Maximumrock'n'roll: "Fans of crust, meet your new gods. Two of the best bands playing in Europe these days, PACK and SOL are DIY to the bone and both bands play straight-up crust the way it is ment to be played. Damn! PACK belts out the noise mayhem without a pause. They remind me of how crust sounded in the 90s - punk with a metal edge, a ton of distortion, screeching screamed vocals, memorable riffs, and a crazy barrage of drums, all topped by the crucial sound bite clips. SOL shares all the same qualities as PACK, albeit with their own unique style. They're bit more noisy and it is quite hard to keep up with the lyrics because their two singers seem to say many different lines at the same time (without it getting annoying). Both bands are perfect at what they are doing. (WK)"

chinguense esa..


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